If you don’t already attend a house group, please prayerfully consider joining one. We currently have groups on 

Tuesday – John Snead 

Wednesday – Sue Hope 

Thursday – Becky Dear

Contact details can be found in the Fellowship address book.

Please use for any pastoral care issues or needs. This email goes directly to Wendy Snead. Please do not hesitate to use this email if needed, for hospital admissions, illnesses etc. 

Dear Bethel Family,
As the current climate of the pandemic brings changes, the Deacons have again reviewed the various prayer meetings that have been scheduled in the church calendar.  We know from God’s Word the importance of prayer and praying together and we want to provide opportunities that fit with busy lives.  For November and December these are the changes:
  • Sun morning online prayer meeting  is moving to 0930 to allow time to travel to the church for the recorded service
  • Sun eve Personal Prayer time is being cancelled after 25 Oct as the church is now open every Sunday
  • Weds prayer meeting at 1pm is cancelled.
  • Monthly prayer meetings on the second Monday at 8pm are still happening to pray for the future at Bethel
  • Notes of prayers and prayer topics will be circulated monthly so that you are aware of them and can add them to your own prayers
We were reminded of the passage in Jer 29 v 11-13 and God’s promise to His people when they pray.  If you have any suggestions for ways we can get together to pray, please contact one of the deacons.
Thank you
The Deacons



Dear Friends,
We have started praying for God to reveal His vision and new leader to us in specific prayer meetings, in housegroups and in our personal prayer. 
By using one specific prayer we are praying with one voice – all your prayers for specific topics in the time of transition and change are also valued.
We ask that you share any words or thoughts that you feel God is giving you for Bethel as you pray.  These will be recorded and reviewed regularly by the Leadership Team as we seek to discern God’s voice in the coming weeks and months.  Please send these to John Porter and Sue Hope.
We are assured that God has a plan for us – our prayer is that we ask and listen, and discern what He is saying.
The Leadership Team