Following the change in restrictions announced by the government on the 6th June allowing the limited opening of places of worship in England from 15 June, having considered the guidelines issued by the BUGB, and having completed our own risk assesment, we will be opening the building for the purpose of Personal Prayer for limited times on a Sunday and Thursday.

We have put in place particular measures to try to protect everyone who enters the building, and it will be very important that everybody follows the guidelines and instructions that will be made available on the church website, on Facebook and will be posted in the building.

The building will initially be open at the following times:

SUNDAY                                            THURSDAY

6:00PM to 7:00PM                           11:00AM to 12:00PM

We will be reviewing these times as changes to restrictions are announced and as we get to understand how the plans we have made are working and will publicise any changes as they happen.

Please be aware that we are not providing a led or guided prayer service. This is an opportunity for Personal Prayer and there will be a static prayer installation on the stage, along with some reflective music to aid in your prayer time.

More details about how Personal Prayer at Bethel will happen, including the date of the first opening will be distributed during the next week on our website and on Facebook www.facebook.com/swaveseybethel  

If you have any questions about Personal Prayer at Bethel, or any other matters, please contact:

MINISTER – Rev  David Mann minister@bethelbaptistchurch.org.uk 07886 917374

CHURCH ADMINISTRATOR – Stacey Alsop admin@bethelbaptistchurch.org.uk 01954 230 458