Our Minister, the Rev David Mann, is taking a sabbatical during the months of July, August & September, and decided that he would take the opportunity of this period of extended leave to make a pilgrimage journey across England from Land’s End in Cornwall to Canterbury in Kent, endeavouring to take in places, areas and communities that have had some spiritual impact on the life of our country. He will be travelling on foot and most nights will be sleeping, by prior arrangement, on church premises.

Whilst he is away, we as a church are engaging on a spiritual pilgrimage of our own and to this end we have produced the following programme of topics to act as guidelines for our visiting preachers.

Week 1 – The Open Road – Contemplating a pilgrimage journey
Week 2 – Taking & Leaving – What to take & not take on our pilgrimage journey
Week 3 – Considering the first of three Pilgrimage Festivals – Passover
Week 4 – Becoming Present – To become more attentive to our surroundings
Week 5 – Alone & Together – Living with myself & living with others
Week 6 – Considering the second of three Pilgrimage Festivals – Pentecost
Week 7 – Living with Uncertainty – What might I encounter today
Week 8 – Sacred Encounters – Learning spiritual lessons from everyday events
Week 9 – Pilgrim Living – Reaping the fruits of our pilgrimage
Week 10 – Considering the third of three Pilgrimage Festivals – Tabernacles

On the first Sunday of each month, and interspersed with the above, we will as usual be holding an Alternative Service led by members of the fellowship, whose theme may not necessarily be Pilgrimage.

For more information about David’s Pilgrimage, see http://www.apilgrimsjourney.uk

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