Which song is your ‘go to’ worship song when you are in need of a lift, when you are feeling filled with joy, when you need encouragement?
Why not share that song with us and tell us a little about what it means to you?
26th June -This amazing song has been something of a soundtrack throughout my faith journey. I first heard it when I was worshiping in Raglan, South Wales at the time I felt called to ministry - and it has been my chosen song for both of my induction services - in Ponthir and here in Swavesey.

I find the words to be almost overwhelming when I hear them, and whenever I sing them I am reminded again of the incredible grace of God that has called me to serve Him and His Kingdom.

'Your Majesty, I can but bow
I lay my all before You now
In royal robes I don't deserve
I live to serve Your Majesty'

(This version, sung by Jonathan Veira, reminds me of his performance here in Swavesey in the village college.)
25th June -This song reminds me of the very first missions trip I took to Cambodia. I thought that I was going there to help with a building project for the orphans, but little did I know it would be the most confronting and impactful experience that I have had.
It was not about me at all, in the sense of using my Trade skills and experience, it was about God opening my eyes, looking past my learned prejudices and to see the real person with real needs in front of me. A smile, gentle touch, a hug, a small bag of instant noodles plus a bottle of water made such a difference to them. This song is a great reminder that everyday is a gift and an opportunity to make a difference.
Let my life song sing to you God!
24th June -This song is for my Grandad, it was playing in the hospital waiting room the last time I saw him. I can feel him in the lyrics
23rd June -A song that I’ve always liked from one of the premier British Christian Rock bands of recent years who have now sadly disbanded. We’ve sung it at Bethel, but not for some years now. “There is a day” by Phatfish
John Snead
22nd June -'In Christ Alone'- This song proclaims the simple truth....
If we are looking for hope we need look no further than Jesus.
21st June -Today we will be gathering on Zoom and online at 12 noon to share together in Communion. This song speaks of the Re-membrance that draws us to the table and that God works in our lives through Jesus.

This is the 94th 'Song of the Day' and next Saturday we will be playing Song of the Day 100! After that we are going to look at doing something different, so this is your last chance to submit your choice for a 'Song of the Day'.
20th June -It seems like we can so often make faith so complicated, but it really is this simple - 'I Will Trust'. Perhaps it's the very simplicity of it that makes it difficult for us to accept at times!
19th June - Please can you play “Behold our God “ for me sometime. They are just powerful words. love Ruth xxx
18th June - My song is 'When you walk with the Lord in the light of His word'. Chorus - trust and obey for there’s no other way.
John Buthfer
17th June - 'Reminds me of how great God is when considering all He has done. One mustn't forget'
Larry Amure
16th June - Love this 💜 Martine
15th June - I read that having listened to this people who didn’t believe found this so powerful they now believe . Another version is by the author himself . While in lockdown this helps us to lift our voices and praise Him but can also lift us. Best Wishes, Hazel
14th June - How about this. I love this band anyway and they've filmed this while in lockdown. We'll make it through this hand in hand. xxxx
13th June - Mummy used to sing this song to me as a lullaby when I wouldn’t sleep. It rarely failed!
12th June - I love this song. It reminds me of the first time I ever heard it, carefully selected by Alexa whilst I was sitting with Stacey whilst Autumn and Ezra played together excitedly.
11th June - A second choice from Janet: I’m not an enormous fan of church organ music but this hymn is one where I feel the fantastic organ just lifts and carries the singers! We sang this hymn at our wedding in Birmingham in a full church, no social distancing there! The words are just as relevant to us now in these challenging days.
10th June - This I find a very powerful hymn that makes me feel God is close . It can help soothe me when stressed or upset.
9th June - Remembered this after Lectio365 on Monday morning. Powerful message.
8th June - I have been truly inspired by the choirs who have performed virtually. The Blessing (Kids) is just phenomenal and shows a unity and true outbursting of God’s blessings on us ALL.
7th June (An extra Song of the Day)- As I was out walking and having my quiet time with God one day this week prayerfully considering the theme for Sunday, ‘Miracles’, this song came into my head. Some of you may remember this from the film ‘Prince of Egypt’ in 1997.We used it as part of a musical presentation Bethel did at the Village College called ‘WHY2K’? which we performed to celebrate the Millennium. It’s an amazing song of hope by the Israelites as they leave Egypt to find the Promised Land, and are about to cross the Red Sea! I pray that it may help to encourage you to know that in all that is going on around us at the moment, miracles are possible if we have faith and believe! The clip is from the original film and not the recent West End show.
7th June - We may not be able to sing together for a while but we can still praise God for who He is and acknowledge How great He is!
6th June - With everything that is going on in the world, and in our personal lives today, it is nice to start each day with the assurance that God is still watching over us. Let's just start each day worshipping his presence in our midst, and in the assurance that we have Him to fall back on through the day(s).
5th June - Margaret's favourite song is Great Is They Faithfulness. No particular reason - she just loves it!
4th June - Powerful message and so true God hears our SOS and sends out an army to rescue us . Thanks for loving us so much 🙏🙏🙏💜
3rd June - “For my Gran! I know this is one of your favourite songs so I pray this will bless you today. Soon we’ll be together again. Love Ezra xx”
2nd June - It seems to me that we are living in a time when so many people are striving to be a 'celebrity'. Shows like X Factor still draw thousands of people to auditions around the country with the promise of fame, and Social Media platforms are filled to bursting with channels by 'Social Influencers'. This song by Casting Crowns reminds me that who I am is defined solely in my relationship with Jesus, and His is the only name really worth remembering.
1st June - After our discussions on the topic of 'sin' in our house group, this song has been on my mind since. We don't often talk about our sins, but even as Christians, we do realise that the struggles with our sinful nature is a daily battle. Hope this song becomes our prayer today.
31st May - From the first time you came to preach at Bethel some ** years ago….(well when you had a little more hair anyway), we realised just what an amazing Spirit filled person you were. Your approach has always been to be the hands and feet of Christ and to use your God given gifts to bring this about! We appreciate you more than words can say…….the word of God you bring to us all, your sense of humour but mostly the practical application of scripture that many of us have taken to using in our everyday life! We have come to know and love you, Martine and your extended family, and enjoyed the privilege of sharing, through good times and bad! May God continue to bless you more than you can imagine as you faithfully serve Him in your Chaplaincy role. Love and His peace always,​
Wendy & John xx
30th May - I love this song: You're the God of this city. There is no-one like you God. Greater things have yet to come. Adrian, you are doing great things in the city...we thank you!
Jo Cayley
29th May - For our Chaplain, Adrian
Love Your Bethel Family
28th May - Adrian, We would like to dedicate a song chosen on Sunday to you. We praise God for you, your dedication to your job and optimism through your strong faith.​
Steve & Stephanie
27th May - Listening to this song got us thinking of What a great role model of the Gospel you are, how you faithfully take Jesus to the “afflicted ones”. You are a real encouragement to your family in Bethel!
Love from the Holmars
26th May - We would like to dedicate 'The Lords my Shepherd', Stuart Townend version to Adrian. Norfolk and Norwich Hospital are very blessed to have you as their lead chaplain. You are totally committed to all you do for God, and we know you put your trust in Him. May He be very close to you as you continue to serve Him, in these extraordinary times. We know from experience how calm and compassionate you can be, and your sense of humour carries you through! With our love
John & Noreen
25th May -This week we are celebrating our Chaplain, Adrian Woodbridge. Let's kick things off with a song from Martine!
Martine Woodbridge
24th May -I asked our daughter Laura for her song choice. She has chosen ' Be bold be strong, for the Lord your God is with you'. Her boys like singing it in assembly. They particularly like the refrain - No, No, No!

(Unfortunately I couldn't find a version with the No, No, No! So you will need to add that yourselves!!)
Noreen Morgan
23rd May - I came across this song when trying to find our Bethel website online and found it so calming and peaceful I've listened to it a few times over the last few weeks. When I looked up the information on Wiki I found this information: 'The recordings on this album use cutting edge techniques scientifically proven to help heal parts of the brain damaged by all kinds of emotional trauma-like anxiety, depression, abuse, divorce and grief-by engaging both sides of the brain through the gentle panning of peaceful soundscapes known as bilateral music. As you listen, breathe slow and deep and enjoy the healing, peaceful effects of these powerful Biblical truths proclaimed over your life.'

The chorus says ' Peace holds me when I'm broken, Sweet peace that passes understanding, When the whole wide world is crashing down, I fall to my knees, And breathe in Your peace' which seems quite apt at this time.
Jo Cayley
22nd May - To Sam and Charlotte on (the day after) your anniversary! With thanks for all that you do!
Your Bethel Family
21st May - For Sam, 4 years ago today we sang this song on our wedding day surrounded by friends and family and it’s still one of my absolute favourites!
Charlotte x
20th May - No fate I dread, I know I am forgiven
The future sure, the price it has been paid
For Jesus bled and suffered for my pardon
And He was raised to overthrow the grave

To this I hold, my sin has been defeated
Jesus now and ever is my plea
Oh the chains are released, I can sing: I am free
Yet not I, but through Christ in me
Stephanie & Stephen Tabram
19th May - God is there for everyone. For our Brothers and Sisters across the World. This song helps us to join together.
Stephen Tabram
18th May - This song is dedicated to Barbara Carter and her son Simon.
Noreen Morgan
17th May - “There are just no words to explain this song!”
Kingsley Rose
16th May - This song is dedicated to Adrian who is busy at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital as a Chaplain. Adrian i hope this “Happy Day” song reminds you of happier times 🙏💙all my love 😍 Martine
Martine Woodbridge
15th May - This song makes me feel like part of something when I sing it.
Jade Davies
14th May - Terry's and my first date was to an It's Buzz concert in London. This was sung amazing hymn. It means so much even almost 50 years later...
Mary Crump
13th May - A reminder of the need to bring ourselves before God and give our lives over to him.
Sam Holmar
12th May - So often we make the mistake of imagining that God has promised that ours lives will be trouble free. That’s not what he says, but He does promise to be with us in every trouble and challenge and fear - to make a way through every situation! I love the powerful way this song proclaims this truth and declares that we do not need to be fearful. My God will make a way!
Revd. David Mann
11th May - We have lived in the village of Swavesey for 12 years, and a song that means a lot to me is “ We are walking in the light of God”. I first came across it 25 years ago , when we lived in the mid west in the USA, and I attended church there, and had the pleasure of being a bible vacation camp leader for the children there. This song says it all, and is very uplifting for all ages and it means a lot to me.
Wendy Campbell
10th May - “"God I look to You, You're where my help comes from. Give me wisdom, You know just what to do."
Stacey Alsop
9th May - “I couldn't earn it, and I don't deserve it, still, You give Yourself away Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God, yeah”. Just how amazing is that?! ​
Charlotte Holmar
8th May - A beautiful song reminding us that our God is unchanging and is our rock in times of trouble.
Joy Childs
7th May - After the Sunday service on 3 May which I found very powerful, I was sent this. We heard it as the last song on Sunday’s service and this arrangement is special as it is a blessing from churches and Christians throughout the UK.
Sue Hope
6th May - At age14 I had joined the choir at my church in Adelaide South Australia, and the leader of the choir decided I should sing the first verse as a solo. (I was terrified)!! Everytime I hear it sung in church or elsewhere it brings back many happy memories of those days as a teenager with the church youth fellowship. I could sing then, but sadly not anymore. I thought I was going to be the next Joan Sutherland (an Australian opera singer)!!
Pat Turner
5th May - The song Rachel Tabram has chose today is ‘Living Hope’ by Phil Wickham. Happy Birthday! Rachel.
Rachel Tabram
4th May - All though you have to sing bit yourself in this version the pictures are amazing to go with the words. Although we are going through dark times we have been lucky enough to have beautiful weather and see spring unfold . All Gods creation.
Hazel Adamson
3rd May - I was brought up in a Welsh Presbyterian church so I have heard this hymn sung in beautiful harmony since I was a baby. It has been used at so many of our important family celebrations. Alice and I used to go to rugby internationals together, so this version of the hymn by a flashmob male voice choir in Cardiff brings particularly happy memories.
Ed King
2nd May - This song makes me happy and reminds me that Jesus is the way to Heaven. He represents life, healing, power and transformation.
Anjola Opaleye
1st May - For Easter Ezra got a new selection of random worship music and bible stories for his music device. Whenever this song comes on he starts very excitedly and enthusiastically dancing with enormous amounts of laughter. I can’t tell you why he likes it, he just does!
Ezra Holmar
30th April - It speaks to us of the amazing and beautiful sacrifice god has made for us and how powerful his love can be
The Wilson Family
30th April - This song has meant a lot to me at a number of times in my life, in particular when my children and Grandchild was born – because He lives, I can face tomorrow! Hallelujah!
Stephanie Tabram
29th April - We all feel this is an anthem for Bethel and reminds us that even in the darkest of storms God's love will shine bright and carry us home.
Connie & Charlie
28th April - I love this song and had been listening to it on repeat all week leading up to Easter so what an amazing surprise it was when it was chosen for the Easter morning celebration service- it caused quite a party in our house!
Charlotte Holmar
27th April - I’ve chosen this song as it focuses my attention of Jesus and all that He means to me, I’m held by Your love is a confession that my/our standing with God is all down to Jesus and not at all with any efforts on my part.
John Porter
26th April - I found this amazing song at the beginning of the ‘lockdown’ period and it has helped to sustain me to know that God is in control….. He has ‘got this’ and we will see a new creation coming from He who is indeed worthy!
Wendy Snead
25th April - Here is another simple yet rich and strong song narrating our conviction in Jesus. I often sing it when I am cooking in the kitchen and end up in tears.
Priscilla Bergemann
24th April - We hosted 3 members of the Watoto choir back in 2016, and it was the most brilliant fun for 3 days. The 2 girls were balls of energy while the poor chaperone was exhausted! Charis remembers it well as the girls were only a little older than her!
Charis Holt
23rd April - This old song has always stirred deep emotions. We had it on old 78 record by Mario Lanzo but I’ve enjoyed this version since the 60’s
Hazel Adamson
22nd April - I picked it because it is a great reminder that no matter what we feel or think about ourselves God sees us completely differently through what Jesus has done for us. I had a time when I was feeling pretty rubbish about myself. I was standing at the sink in our kitchen and suddenly this song started playing. I thought Charlotte had put it on but then realised it was playing ”by itself” from my phone in my pocket. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. It’s amazing how God can break through everything going on around us and speak directly to us!
Sam Holmar
21st April - This song speaks about the multiple-faceted nature of God. It brings me to the throne of our Holy God to worship.
Priscilla Bergemann
19th April - I like this song because it makes him feel happy and thankful for all God has done for us.
18th April -This song got me through some really, really difficult dark times last year
Kate Wilson
17th April - This is a song that helps me 'declutter' my mind and focus on Jesus. I was listening to it the other day and the line 'through the storm, he is Lord, Lord of all' really resonated with all the sadness currently in the news
Charlotte Walker
16th April -'Your word, O Lord is my delight (Speak O Lord)'
15th April -He likes this song. It helps him to feel calm, and when he thinks about God it makes him happy and thankful
14th April -When I hear this it stirs feeling deep inside
Hazel Adamson
13th April - There are so many songs to choose from! Do I go for a “golden oldie”, such as “Dear Lord and Father of mankind”? As well as great words and a gentle tune, it takes me back to my childhood when we used the verse “In Simple Trust, like theirs who heard …” as a benediction in the Sunday School class led by my Dad. Or perhaps a favourite from a Christian band like Phatfish? Of maybe one from Keith & Kristen Getty or Stuart Townend, whose recent songs we sing quite frequently at Bethel? In the end I chose “Be Still, for the presence of the Lord is moving in this place”, a song that speaks about the presence, glory and power of God, and although doesn’t actually mention the Holy Spirit, always for me reinforces the view that the Spirit is with us always, in every place, in every circumstance.
John Snead
11th April - We absolutely love Colin Buchanan's songs. They're brilliant examples of songs that speak truth to both children and adults. We could have picked almost any of them as our favourite, but this one seems particularly apt at the moment with its reminder that Jesus has conquered everything, even sickness.
The Williamses
10th April - Such great truths about our Great Saviour. Play loud on repeat until your soul feels free ....
Martine Woodbridge
9th April - The Way Maker reminds us of the beautiful music we heard at the Cambridge University Gospel Choir concert in February and really sings from the soul.
Connie & Kate Wilson
8th April - This song helps me express what I don’t understand.
Austin Day
7th April - It’s so easy to forget about God’s grace! In this socially quiet and less busy time, I’m glad to be able to focus on what our amazing God did for us. We have all found it difficult to give up our social time ... but look at what he gave up for us! Praise Him today!
Dawn Mills
6th April - A simple yet reassuring song to remind us of running to Jesus whenever we need Him. He has shown His love for us by coming to us first.
Priscilla Bergemann
5th April - Here's an interesting one - from Caleb! For those who think he's a quiet gentle little simple soul, this is his favourite band and second favourite song!! (his favourite is much louder) He's very disappointed that we can't go to Big Church Day out this year as Crowder was going to play. Turn up the bass and get your air drums going...: All you burdens weigh me down Lay my yoke on crimson ground Feel the rush of angel's wings Soon, oh Lord we will break free! We shall overcome! Rise, oh children rise and sing Chains are broken victory Trumpets sounding this our plea Coming soon to carry me We shall overcome! We shall overcome...
Caleb Holt
4th April - I was inspired by Nico’s choice of song and remembered you mentioning a song by Stormzy - Blinded by Your Grace. I’ve listened to it several times and I’m inspired by the simplicity but meaningful words - I was so afraid, token, not worthy and YOU fixed me. I’m not sure if this link is the best one but I’ve loved reading as well as hearing the words.
Joy Childs
3rd April - This has been a challenge as I have hundreds of songs that uplift, inspire and soothe my soul. This version makes me want to surrender completely, sing without restraint and lose myself in Gods greatness.​
David Hills
2nd April - I like it because it reminds me that whatever earthly troubles we are going through, nothing is too big for God and he’s fighting our battles even whilst we sleep. I think the way the first half of the song is written as Jesus speaking to us it makes it really powerful and is a beautiful song to sit and reflect and respond to.
Charlotte Holmar
1st April - Still, my soul be still. As I’ve been leading worship now at Bethel for some 25 yrs I have so many songs I love and find uplifting! However the one I have chosen we have never sung at Bethel .It’s by two of my favourite modern day hymn writers Keith and Kristen Getty. I found this song such a comfort during the time my parents were so ill and were needing to find a place to live in a Care-home together.I was becoming afraid,stressed and anxious and needed the reassurance of the words of this song together with scripture to keep my focus on Him in whom we can put our trust Psalm 27: especially verse 14 Keep safe well and trusting!
Wendy Snead
31st March - I have been feeling quite upbeat so far regarding isolation and supporting others but felt a jolt when they closed all the NT grounds. Many of you know I do like my walks and National Trust venues. I then happened to watch Rend Collective’s Social Distance Worship session (recorded before the most recent guidelines) and their first song was this one. I found it very uplifting and encouraging.​
Sue Hope
30th March - I have been listening to 'Praise you in the storm' by Casting Crowns, I have been listening to this song a lot since David recommended it, but it seems particularly relevant at this time.
Jo Cayley
29th March - I heard on Sunday that as of 23rd March all the dental practices I work in will be only offering emergency treatment. Though I knew this was coming it still has made me very anxious about my financial future. After a sleepless night I finally gave up and went for a long grumpy stomp around the RSPB Lakes. Isn’t God amazing? Birds flying around, buds bursting, a frosty morning but blue, blue clear sky above. It made me think of the lovely childhood hymn – All Things Bright and Beautiful. My mood lifted and I found myself smiling, just standing and watching the world continue around me. My mother used to say this to my two brothers and myself and wanted to share it with you: The kiss of the sun for pardon The song of the birds for mirth One is nearer God’s heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth Dorothy Frances Gurney God Bless and thank you to you all for your continued support during these uncertain times.
Rachel Pointer
28th March - Mummy and Daddy play it when I get sad and cry and I instantly stop and start dancing!
Ezra Holmar
27th March - I had a song picked out today, it's a song Autumn and I love dancing around the kitchen too. However last minute while thinking about the songs we've come to love over the last few months I changed my mind... the first thing I notice about any music is the lyrics being completely unable to hold a tune myself! After remembering these, I couldn't not... "Take me back, To the place that feels like home, To the people I can depend on, To the faith that's in my bones, Take me back, To a preacher and a verse, Where they've seen me at my worst, To the love I had at first, Oh, I want to go to church"
Autumn & Stacey
26th March - I came across this company of musicians and singers a few weeks ago “by accident” but as I listened I could imagine what it must have been like for the fledgling Jewish “Christian” community in Jerusalem immediately after the day of Pentecost. What a joy to watch and listen to and be uplifted by a Messianic Jewish community worshiping and praising The Lamb of God who sits on the throne.​
John Porter
25th March - I'm usually not a big fan of hip hop / spoken word, but Lecrae's lyrics are so powerful; not least the essence of the great commission, summarised in the chorus: TELL THE WORLD!​
Nico Bergemann
24th March - As a family we signed into watch the Makaton live worship songs. Sadly it didn’t go to plan and wasn’t on at the time it was meant to be! HOWEVER we sang and signed some of the pre-recorded songs. The children chose OUR GOD IS A GREAT BIG GOD. This has been a favourite song of many children in church so we all know it well!!
As we sang and signed the song, it made us realise that GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANYTHING and in a world where we feel disparately out of control facing the unknown – GOD IS HOLDING US IN HIS HANDS. On this site there are quite a few worship songs – not just aimed at children – its worth listening, singing and signing to really bring songs to life!
The Dear Family
23rd March - I find the words overwhelming, does God really know what I'm going to say before I do....
Noreen Morgan
22nd March - I LOVE Melissa's voice though. At the end when she goes all "rock" I have listened to this a lot over the past few years, often because I am a "nighttime panicker" and lie in the dark fearing everything and thinking up every worst case scenario. So it means a lot when God "drowns my fears in perfect love"
Marianne Holt
21st March - Sometimes when life is very challenging, a pocketful of faith is all we can find - but that’s enough for God to use to do amazing things! I love this video of Birmingham skyline as that’s where Ed and I met and married in St Luke’s church, now demolished by a ring road! Look online for the story of Tim Hughes and the setting up of the new St Luke’s Gas Street Church in a canal side warehouse in Birmingham
Janet King
20th March - I only recently came across Lauren Daigle’s music and this song is one of my favourites.
I seem to meet so many people nowadays who are struggling with self-worth and doubt about themselves, and the world seems to be full of people ready to bring others down. The words of this song are simply beautiful and a reminder of the value and worth God places in each one of us.
David Mann
If you have a song in mind then you will need to email Stacey ( telling
 her what it is, and a short piece about what it means to you.