Which song is your ‘go to’ worship song when you are in need of a lift, when you are feeling filled with joy, when you need encouragement?
Why not share that song with us and tell us a little about what it means to you?
8th April - This song helps me express what I don’t understand.
Austin Day
7th April - It’s so easy to forget about God’s grace! In this socially quiet and less busy time, I’m glad to be able to focus on what our amazing God did for us. We have all found it difficult to give up our social time ... but look at what he gave up for us! Praise Him today!
Dawn Mills
6th April - A simple yet reassuring song to remind us of running to Jesus whenever we need Him. He has shown His love for us by coming to us first.
Priscilla Bergemann
5th April - Here's an interesting one - from Caleb! For those who think he's a quiet gentle little simple soul, this is his favourite band and second favourite song!! (his favourite is much louder) He's very disappointed that we can't go to Big Church Day out this year as Crowder was going to play. Turn up the bass and get your air drums going...: All you burdens weigh me down Lay my yoke on crimson ground Feel the rush of angel's wings Soon, oh Lord we will break free! We shall overcome! Rise, oh children rise and sing Chains are broken victory Trumpets sounding this our plea Coming soon to carry me We shall overcome! We shall overcome...
Caleb Holt
4th April - I was inspired by Nico’s choice of song and remembered you mentioning a song by Stormzy - Blinded by Your Grace. I’ve listened to it several times and I’m inspired by the simplicity but meaningful words - I was so afraid, token, not worthy and YOU fixed me. I’m not sure if this link is the best one but I’ve loved reading as well as hearing the words.
Joy Childs
3rd April - This has been a challenge as I have hundreds of songs that uplift, inspire and soothe my soul. This version makes me want to surrender completely, sing without restraint and lose myself in Gods greatness.​
David Hills
2nd April - I like it because it reminds me that whatever earthly troubles we are going through, nothing is too big for God and he’s fighting our battles even whilst we sleep. I think the way the first half of the song is written as Jesus speaking to us it makes it really powerful and is a beautiful song to sit and reflect and respond to.
Charlotte Holmar
1st April - Still, my soul be still. As I’ve been leading worship now at Bethel for some 25 yrs I have so many songs I love and find uplifting! However the one I have chosen we have never sung at Bethel .It’s by two of my favourite modern day hymn writers Keith and Kristen Getty. I found this song such a comfort during the time my parents were so ill and were needing to find a place to live in a Care-home together.I was becoming afraid,stressed and anxious and needed the reassurance of the words of this song together with scripture to keep my focus on Him in whom we can put our trust Psalm 27: especially verse 14 Keep safe well and trusting!
Wendy Snead
31st March - I have been feeling quite upbeat so far regarding isolation and supporting others but felt a jolt when they closed all the NT grounds. Many of you know I do like my walks and National Trust venues. I then happened to watch Rend Collective’s Social Distance Worship session (recorded before the most recent guidelines) and their first song was this one. I found it very uplifting and encouraging.​
Sue Hope
30th March - I have been listening to 'Praise you in the storm' by Casting Crowns, I have been listening to this song a lot since David recommended it, but it seems particularly relevant at this time.
Jo Cayley
29th March - I heard on Sunday that as of 23rd March all the dental practices I work in will be only offering emergency treatment. Though I knew this was coming it still has made me very anxious about my financial future. After a sleepless night I finally gave up and went for a long grumpy stomp around the RSPB Lakes. Isn’t God amazing? Birds flying around, buds bursting, a frosty morning but blue, blue clear sky above. It made me think of the lovely childhood hymn – All Things Bright and Beautiful. My mood lifted and I found myself smiling, just standing and watching the world continue around me. My mother used to say this to my two brothers and myself and wanted to share it with you: The kiss of the sun for pardon The song of the birds for mirth One is nearer God’s heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth Dorothy Frances Gurney God Bless and thank you to you all for your continued support during these uncertain times.
Rachel Pointer
28th March - Mummy and Daddy play it when I get sad and cry and I instantly stop and start dancing!
Ezra Holmar
27th March - I had a song picked out today, it's a song Autumn and I love dancing around the kitchen too. However last minute while thinking about the songs we've come to love over the last few months I changed my mind... the first thing I notice about any music is the lyrics being completely unable to hold a tune myself! After remembering these, I couldn't not... "Take me back, To the place that feels like home, To the people I can depend on, To the faith that's in my bones, Take me back, To a preacher and a verse, Where they've seen me at my worst, To the love I had at first, Oh, I want to go to church"
Autumn & Stacey
26th March - I came across this company of musicians and singers a few weeks ago “by accident” but as I listened I could imagine what it must have been like for the fledgling Jewish “Christian” community in Jerusalem immediately after the day of Pentecost. What a joy to watch and listen to and be uplifted by a Messianic Jewish community worshiping and praising The Lamb of God who sits on the throne.​
John Porter
25th March - I'm usually not a big fan of hip hop / spoken word, but Lecrae's lyrics are so powerful; not least the essence of the great commission, summarised in the chorus: TELL THE WORLD!​
Nico Bergemann
24th March - As a family we signed into watch the Makaton live worship songs. Sadly it didn’t go to plan and wasn’t on at the time it was meant to be! HOWEVER we sang and signed some of the pre-recorded songs. The children chose OUR GOD IS A GREAT BIG GOD. This has been a favourite song of many children in church so we all know it well!!
As we sang and signed the song, it made us realise that GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANYTHING and in a world where we feel disparately out of control facing the unknown – GOD IS HOLDING US IN HIS HANDS. On this site there are quite a few worship songs – not just aimed at children – its worth listening, singing and signing to really bring songs to life!
The Dear Family
23rd March - I find the words overwhelming, does God really know what I'm going to say before I do....
Noreen Morgan
22nd March - I LOVE Melissa's voice though. At the end when she goes all "rock" I have listened to this a lot over the past few years, often because I am a "nighttime panicker" and lie in the dark fearing everything and thinking up every worst case scenario. So it means a lot when God "drowns my fears in perfect love"
Marianne Holt
21st March - Sometimes when life is very challenging, a pocketful of faith is all we can find - but that’s enough for God to use to do amazing things! I love this video of Birmingham skyline as that’s where Ed and I met and married in St Luke’s church, now demolished by a ring road! Look online for the story of Tim Hughes and the setting up of the new St Luke’s Gas Street Church in a canal side warehouse in Birmingham
Janet King
20th March - I only recently came across Lauren Daigle’s music and this song is one of my favourites.
I seem to meet so many people nowadays who are struggling with self-worth and doubt about themselves, and the world seems to be full of people ready to bring others down. The words of this song are simply beautiful and a reminder of the value and worth God places in each one of us.
David Mann
If you have a song in mind then you will need to email Stacey ( telling
 her what it is, and a short piece about what it means to you.