Hi Everyone,
Well another week has gone by and its Sunday again. Maybe this week you’ve been getting used to  working and learning from home. Things seem so different from normal! It’s important in times like this to remember God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Despite everything that has happened over the past week with more places closing and more restrictions on what we are able to do out of the house it has been great to see how people are making the best of the situation. There are so many ways now for us to keep in contact with each other  and still feel connected to our loved ones. There is also plenty of opportunity to reconnect with God. He is always there ready to meet us when we go to him!
Today the Sunday school materials look at Psalm 121. It reminds us that know matter what we are going through God is our source of help. All we need to do is look to him.  There are materials for both Paw-prints and Footsteps but feel free to use whatever you want. Don’t forget that you can send pictures or messages about what you have been doing over the week. This week Marianne has really “branched out” in her role as Youth and Children’s Worker and made a video for you to watch. You could say she’s gone back to her roots… but maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree… If you haven’t twigged what the video is about? I’ll leaf that up to her to tell you!
Watch the video below.
We hope you have a fantastic Sunday, an amazing week and look forward to hearing from you soon.