Well another week has gone by. I hope that you are all doing well and finding lots of blessings even in such strange and sometimes challenging circumstances. Over the last two weeks we have reminded ourselves through Psalms that God is are protector. I hope you have had opportunities to chat to family and friends even if you haven’t been able to see them!
Today is Palm Sunday!! I can’t believe it’s nearly Easter already. As we remember how people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as King of Kings, let’s welcome Him into our hearts, lives, homes and every situation we are going through. Remember He is King over everything! We hop you enjoy the activities that have been prepared for you this week and don’t forget to watch Marianne’s video below!
There are activities for Paw-prints and Footsteps but please do just pick what works for you. We would love to hear stories or see pictures of what you’ve been up to. You can send them back to Stacey at so that they can be shared with the Church.
We hope you have a fantastic Sunday and look forward to hearing from you soon.